Passengers with reduced mobility

A passenger should determine the possibility of having a flight by himself or herself basing on his or her health status (clause 108 of the Order of the Transport Ministry of the Russian Federation issued in 2007, № 82 “Common rules for air service of passengers, baggage, cargo and requirements for maintenance of passengers, exporters and receivers”):


  • The Sender is not liable for ill health or death of the Customer; this is confirmed with the guarantee obligation of the passenger;
  • The transportation on hand frame shall be agreed upon with the Sender in advance (not later than 48 hours prior to departure or when buying a ticket);
  • If a passenger must be transported on hand frame then he or she is admitted to the flight after paying for the necessary number of places in line with the economy class rate and only with an accompanying person;
  • The baggage of disabled passengers is covered by rules effective for regular passengers, with the exception of things that are necessary for them during the flight;
  • The transportation of wheelchairs is carried out in line with special rules and requirements;
  • The Sender is not obliged to provide medicines to passengers.


Disabled passengers will be admitted to the flight subject to the following conditions:


  • The health status of the passenger must not endanger the safety of his own and the safety of other passengers;
  • The passenger shall not suffer from a contagious disease;
  • When transportation of disabled passengers, passengers who are transported on the hand frame, star-blind passengers or pregnant woman a medical opinion on the form must be shown to the sender prior to the flight start. The medical opinion must be signed by the attending doctor; this medical opinion must contain the permit for transportation of this passenger with specification of special requirements to the conditions of his transportation.


Please use this form for notifying about special services and help that will be necessary for you during the flight.


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